Page Love

President, Nutrifit Sport Therapy

Page Love, a leading expert on sports nutrition and eating disorders in the southeastern United States, in 1992 founded Nutrifit Sport Therapy Inc., headquartered in Atlanta. In addition to consulting with individuals, athletes, teams, and companies in her practice, Love is an outstanding public speaker, providing presentations about nutrition and fitness for a variety of events. She also lends her considerable expertise to reputable nutrition-oriented companies as a media spokesperson.

Breakout Presentation Helping Young Athletes Return to Play During the Recovery Process

Young athletes face unique pressures to perform, which can result in extreme physical and nutritional stressors. Moreover, competition for the ideal athletic form can increase risk for eating disorders. This session will present these issues through unique case scenarios that our athletes experience. An understanding of the medical complications of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) will be reviewed as well as the initial evaluation and competition recommendations. Levels of risk assessment will be discussed along with a clinical decision tree on safely returning athletes to play nutritionally and medically. Discussion will include a review of the current International Olympic Committee (IOC) position statement and the recommended use of contracts to return a competitive athlete to sport.