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Julie Holland

Chief Growth Officer, Veritas Collaborative

Julie Holland, MHS, CEDS-S, f.iaedp™ is a nationally recognized leader in the behavioral health field as a marketing and business development executive, eating disorders clinician and public speaker. Having worked in the field of eating disorders for over 35 years, she is often credited for setting the marketing and branding standard in the industry. Her unique fusion of clinical and marketing expertise has been instrumental in expanding awareness of and access to quality eating disorders care for patients and families, and in providing leading-edge education for eating disorders professionals. Nationally known as a collaborative leader with strong operational and relationship development skills, she has been instrumental in building and leading high performing teams and driving innovative strategies to bring patients to the appropriate level of care.

Julie served as iaedp™ Certification Director for 11 years where she was instrumental in establishing certification for eating disorders professionals. She continues to be active with iaedp™, currently serving on the Senior Advisory Council and Chapter Governance Committee. As an iaedp™ Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Approved Supervisor, Julie has worked alongside world-renowned medical and mental health practitioners in the development and implementation of cutting-edge therapeutic interventions to address these highly complex illnesses. She has led marketing, professional relations and admissions efforts in several of the country’s leading eating disorder treatment centers, maintained a private practice both in the US and in Bermuda and became a noted thought leader on the international speaking circuit. Under her management and direction, the companies she has represented have been the recipients of multiple awards recognizing growth, excellence in public relations, marketing, and communications.

Considered a go-to expert for journalists, Julie has been interviewed by national media including Vogue, Maire Claire, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Reuters and provided expert insights during appearances on national television networks across the U.S. Julie has received several professional awards including being named a Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Finalist and the iaedp™ Special Recognition Award for Dedicated Service.

Julie received her Master’s Degree in Health Science Administration with an emphasis in Counseling from Georgia Southern University. She completed her undergraduate work at Armstrong State College earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has held several board positions over the years including and is deeply committed to influencing growth in individuals, companies, and organizations.

Presentation: Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Tips for Staying Strong During Challenging Times

2020 has brought unimaginable challenges and disruptions to individuals, families, schools, companies, and organizations. The impact of the global pandemic has left many struggling to find ways to cope with illness, depression, anxiety, and loss while managing the unknown and the on-going changes that are our “new norm”. For individuals with eating disorders and their families, this can be an especially challenging time – wherever we are on our recovery journey. Even those who have been in full recovery may find the restrictions on socialization, in-person resources, and support taking a toll. Join two eating disorder survivors – national eating disorder expert, Julie Holland, and prominent eating disorders advocate, speaker, and writer, McCall Manning Dempsey, as they share coping strategies and the skills needed to effectively manage instability and navigate challenging times.